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"I don’t remember ‘Doctor Who’ not being part of my life, and it became a part of growing up, along with The Beatles, National Health spectacles, and fog. And it runs deep. It’s in my DNA."

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Endless List of Favorite Styles {1/??}: Jenna Louise Coleman

"I am a restless person."

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Harry Potter + orange


I joined in

I’m gonna say this one time — you make a move on him, you’ll be dead before you hit the ground.


a quiet place.

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samjess: stanford years for hellbela

jessica moore is indisputably one of the hottest girls at stanford. she’s a fantastic student, she heads up clubs, she’s a cheerleader. sam winchester, on the other hand, is rarely seen anyplace other than class, the caf, the library and his room. 

one night, his roommate decides he’s been studying long enough, and drags him out to a party. the moment he sees jess, something clicks: he can’t keep his eyes off of her, and she finds she doesn’t mind so much. 

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"I've been here for a very long time. And I remember many things."

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"You can’t stand the thought of being alone

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